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Registration and Entering a Key
Suggestions for registering and entering a key
When you download iSpQ VideoChat software for the first time, it is fully functional for a 21-day trial period. After this trial period expires, you will have to pay a license fee in order to continue using the iSpQ VideoChat service. Upon paying this fee, you will receive a Registration Key for the software.

Upon purchasing iSpQ, you will see a receipt containing your Registration Key. This key is made up of 24 letters/numbers in the format “VCXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX” (see an example key in the screenshot below). Please retain your registration information in a safe place for possible future use.

Benefits of Registering
Registered users are members of the iSpQ Community
Registered users have unlimited access to Quick Messages
Registered users have limitless Video Chat capabilities
Registered users can view all profiles in the directory
Registered users receive excellent customer support
Registered users get great free upgrades within their major version number

Locating Your Registration Key
You can find your Registration Key in the online receipt that is visible after your purchase OR in the email receipt for your iSpQ VideoChat order. If you have purchased iSpQ VideoChat, but have lost your Registration Key, you can retrieve it by using our Key Lookup Tool. Once you retrieve your lost key, we recommend that you keep a hardcopy not stored on your computer.

Registering iSpQ VideoChat
  1. Wait until you see the iSpQ VideoChat Registration window after you log on (pictured below). Make sure you have your Registration Key handy. If you need help finding your key, see the “Locating Your Registration Key” section above.

  2. Copy your Registration Key from the email receipt for your iSpQ VideoChat purchase and paste it into the Registration Key box. You can also type it in manually.

    1. To copy, highlight the entire key and press Ctrl+C on your keyboard.
    2. To paste, click once in the Registration Key box and press Ctrl+V on your keyboard.
  3. Click the Register button. The resulting screen will tell you the status of your registration. There are three possible outcomes.

    Your key is valid and was accepted. You are now registered and can use iSpQ VideoChat.

    Your key has been entered incorrectly or isn't a valid key. Keys must be entered exactly as you received them at purchase. If you are unsure of your key please use the Key Lookup Tool.
    Your key is currently being used by another copy of iSpQ VideoChat. Be sure that you are not using your key on another computer and that someone else is not using your key.
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