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Meeting and Communicating with People
Suggestions for interacting with iSpQ community members
Finding Someone
There are many ways to begin communication within iSpQ VideoChat. Our diverse community represents over 180 different countries and all 50 United States. The following are some suggestions on meeting people in the iSpQ Community. The screenshots below are taken from the latest version of the iSpQ VideoChat software.

  1. Find a Community Room that interests you and click on a room name to join. Some rooms act as “gateways” to other rooms; once you join a Gateway room, you will be able to see an entirely new set of connected rooms that were not previously visible. These rooms are usually special and unique, so have fun exploring. You are bound to find someone with similar tastes.

    Popular Adult Rooms: Couples Room, Gay Men Room, Women-Only, Nudists Room.
    Popular General Rooms: Friends and Family, Hearing Impaired, Meeting Place.

  2. Search through the Directory of people in this room, looking for those with something in common with yourself, such as their Location or directory Comment.

  3. View member Profiles and check out a person's location, status, age, gender and picture. Get their Full Profile for even more information about the user.

  4. Enter a Text Chat and join a conversation to find people with similar interests.

Taking the Next Step
When you have found someone you are interested in communicating with, you can send the user a Quick Message politely saying “Hi” and possibly telling him or her something about yourself.

Remember to always use proper Netiquette while you are signed on to iSpQ. Being friendly and polite is the best way to make new friends and earn positive points to increase your Member Rating.

As you meet new people, the natural next step would be to meet them in a Private Room or invite them to a Video Chat. A handy way to find people you have communicated with is to add them to your Pal List. This list of “favorites” is always visible in iSpQ VideoChat, so you don't have to browse for this person in the Directory.

Adding Members to your Pal List
To easily keep track of your favorite community members, you can add them to your Pal List. Adding someone to your Pal List is also a great way to keep in touch, since you don't have to find them among the many users in the directory. You can add someone to your Pal List by doing one of the following:

  1. On the Messages tab, right-click on a QM from the community member and select Add to Pal List from the pop-up menu.

  2. On the Messages tab, left-click on a QM from the community member and click on the Add Pal button in toolbar located near the top of the screen.

  3. In a Video Chat, click on a participant's Name and then click on Add New Pal in the popup menu.

  4. In the Setup Pal List window, click on the +Pal button (pictured at the left). Then enter in the community member's Email Address or Login Name and select one of your Pal Groups to add them to.
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