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iSpQ Community Monitors (ICM's)
Information about ICM's and applying for the ICM position
What is an ICM?
ICM's are members of the iSpQ community that have applied and been selected to help enforce the policies of the community. The mission of the community monitors is to make sure the online experience is safe and fun for all iSpQ users. There are several ways to identify a community monitor: all community monitors will send QM's with a Community Shield graphic. In addition, their ratings points are locked to 500,000 (diamond level).

There are several monitors for each room, however, a monitor can only oversee one room. They have the ability to ban a user (for a period of 10 minutes up to 3 days) from that room for breaking any room policy. Users who are violating policy will receive a warning message before being banned. If a user does not comply with the warning, a ban will be placed on their account, preventing access to that part of the iSpQ community.

Responsibilities of an ICM
The responsibilities of an ICM are limited to the iSpQ VideoChat software and do not include our customer database or order history. Therefore, never give a monitor any private information such as your credit card or login information. nanoCom has established the following functions and enforcable system policies for the iSpQ Community Monitor role.

ICM Functions
Ensure directory listings are following room guidelines.
Monitor text chat for inappropriate use.
Assist users in finding online information/support for iSpQ.
Communicate with other monitors and nanoCom Staff.
Review member profile photos.

System Policies
Help make iSpQ a healthy and fun online experience for all users.
iSpQ monitor position is not for power over other users.
Impersonating another user is not permitted.
Threatening a user is not permitted.
iSpQ monitor position may be revoked at any time.

ICM Requirements
Must be online for at least 30 hours every week.
User must be in good standing with the community.
User must provide a copy of their Resumé.
User must complete an ICM application and be approved.
Remember, the monitor position may be revoked at any time.
Community Monitor Shield How do I become a Community Monitor?
If you are interested in becoming an ICM, and have read all functions, policies and requirements, please fill out an ICM Application. Forward a completed copy to
Open ICM Application