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Community Policies of iSpQ VideoChat
General guidelines to follow for ANY room in the iSpQ system:
• NO harassing or threatening other users.
• NO impersonation of other users.
• NO use of other members names in your display name, comment or profile information.
• NO illegal activity as established by local law.
• NO advertisement of other video chat programs, websites, or services.
• NO offering of webcam services or 'live shows' for pay (this is only allowed in 'The Red Zone', a room found in the Adult area).
• NO "flooding" a Text Chat room (spamming the chat thread with an extreme amount of text).
• NO users under the age of 18.

…in 'Clean' (non-Adult) Rooms:
• NO inappropriate language in a user’s directory listing (Display Name, Location, Directory Comment).
• NO flashing (showing any genitals without consent).
• NO sexual content in a Text Chat (some vulgarity can be tolerated).

…in Profile Photos:
• Faces required: Eyes need to be in the photo of a person.
• Pictures of places and objects which are non-adult in nature are OK.
• NO nudity (men without shirts permitted).
• NO photos of children or anyone under the age of 18.
• NO photos or depictions of violent, profane or illegal nature.
• NO transparent clothing (all private body parts must be fully covered and concealed).

Violation of these policies will result in a loss of service.

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