February 2012 
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TIP: Desktop better than web browser apps
Mac Beta Sign-ups 

We are excited to announce the Mac version of iSpQ 9 is entering beta testing soon!  
Our beta program helps us ensure high quality and direct feedback from you. This is a great opportunity to get a sneak peek and participate in shaping the future of iSpQ videochat!  

Sign-up for the beta for a chance to win a premium license. 

Rating points doubled 

Premium members can now earn up to 2,000 points per day. This is 2X the amount of Basic and iSpQ 8 members. Now our premium members can get to the coveted diamond level quicker by having more positive interactions with others.

Community Policy updates 

Please familiarize yourself with our Community Policies. It has been translated into 5 other languages for your convenience.

Your voice requested

Our dynamic video chat community works because of your continued feedback. Please take a minute and fill out our short product survey.  Your voice matters as we create the next generation of video chat community.

Cam chat tips
TIP:  Desktop apps rule

Why do we keep our program on your desktop instead of a web browser? The answer is simple: Reliability, performance and video quality. Desktop video applications create an experience that no web browser can match.  iSpQ has optimized both the desktop software and servers to scale with more users in a reliable and high performance manner.  Web browser based applications depend on a server to do all the work, which when it comes to video chat is a huge challenge.  It is more work for our team to develop for Windows and Mac, but the effort is worth it. 

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