January 2010      Volume VIII  Number  1   
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iSpQ VideoChat 9 Windows Release
Windows 7 Compatible
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TIP: Send Video Email
iSpQ VideoChat 9 Windows Released 

A full detail view of the community, video messaging and a free version are all part of the most recent release of iSpQ Videochat. iSpQ videochat (9.0.55) for Windows is available for download An update to our MacOS version is currently being developed. This new version includes the ability to view all of the profile pictures in the community at one time which makes it easy to find someone with a similar interest. Quick Messaging now includes a video capability (VQM) that allows you to send a video with audio to anyone in iSpQ or email.

iSpQ 9 can be downloaded and used for free with the Basic edition. An optional upgrade to Premium unlocks unlimited Pals, Profiles and cam VideoChats for only $29.95/year. Registration keys are no longer needed with iSpQ 9 as the registration is connected with your login account.

Thanks to the over one thousand of iSpQ community beta testers who contributed to the development of iSpQ 9.

Best Valentine Contest 
Who will be your iSpQ Valentine?  Nominations for the best iSpQ Valentine will open on February 1st and voting will take place starting February 7th.  Best Valentine will receive 1 year of iSpQ 9 premium. 

Cam chat tips
TIP:  Send Video Messages

New in iSpQ VideoChat 9 is the ability to use your cam to send a recorded video message to anyone in the community or in email. To send a video message, click the red record button on the message window. When you are done, click stop. It is easy to preview the message before sending by pressing the play button. Use the V-Mail button in the Messages area to send a video message via e-mail.

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Windows 7 Certified!

iSpQ Video Chat 9 has undergone the Microsoft Windows 7 Logo certification process and passed. This certification ensures easy install and operation of iSpQ VideoChat on Microsoft Windows 7. iSpQ offers the best possible cam chat experience on Windows 7.

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