April 2010      Volume VIII  Number  3   
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iSpQ 9 update, FlowView
1,500,000 Profiles/day
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TIP: Retake your Profile Photo
iSpQ 9 Update Released, FlowView! 

iSpQ 9 users on Windows can now experience the community in a new way with the FlowView feature. FlowView, which is available in iSpQ 9.0.61 for Windows, instantly shows profile pictures of new and interesting people in the current community room. The FlowView can be shown with the gallery view, list or disabled easily from the view menu.

This recent update is a free download and iSpQ Premium customers will automatically transfer their license. Download today.

1,500,000+ Profile Views Daily 

The iSpQ community continues to grow and is now serving more than 1.5 million profile views each day. Last month we crossed 1 million/day. The recent release of iSpQ VideoChat 9 has enabled significant growth in clean chat, alternative lifestyles and adult chat areas of the community. The new basic version provides free access to the community which is fueling new members and easy connections.

Share big Files with friends

iSpQ has partnered with Dartfiles to provide an easy and free service to share large files with friends. This web based service does not require any downloads. Try it today.

Cam chat tips
TIP:  Retake your Photo

iSpQ 9 members are encouraged to view their profile photo in the directory and see if it is the higher resolution, 320x240. If not, retake the picture using the photo editor to enable this new higher resolution profile.

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Windows 7 Certified!

iSpQ Video Chat 9 has undergone the Microsoft Windows 7 Logo certification process and passed. This certification ensures easy install and operation of iSpQ VideoChat on Microsoft Windows 7. iSpQ offers the best possible cam chat experience on Windows 7.

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