Summer 2008      Volume VIII  Number 5  
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iSpQ MacOS 8.1 Released

TIP: CamTrust
Best Pet
Thousands of pictures of your favorinte pets were sent in. iSpQ members love their pets. All of the pets that made it into the finals received many votes. After the count was done the winner was Toto, the cute white puppy. Her owner has been with iSpQ since September of 2007. Second place was Jason who is pictured with a bone.

Best Bikini Photo is Next!
Our next contst is the best Bikini contest. Summer is almost over in the Northern hemisphere so time to break out those bikinis, guys and gals! All profile policies apply and faces are required to be considered. Nominations start August 25th, with voting between September 1-7. Use the Photo Album feature to import your picture. Best Bikini photo wins 5 iSpQ registration keys! Second place will receive one license.

iSpQ 8.1 for MacOS Released

iSpQ 8.1 for MacOS has been released and includes a new video compressor which allows video to move up to 4 times faster than before. The video chat window now includes controls for the microphone and speaker volume, making video chat even more fun. This release is compatible with Mac OS X and works best on Intel based Mac's. This is a free upgrade to existing iSpQ 8 owners. Download the update or use the check for updates feature in iSpQ to upgrade to iSpQ 8.1 for MacOS.

TIP:  CamTrust

CamTrust adds a new level of security to iSpQ 8 for Windows. With Camtrust, you control which Quick Message images are displayed. Enabled by default, this feature screens incoming QM pictures based on several criteria. A picture is automatically screened when: 1) The member as been added to 3 or more block lists in the last 2 hours or 2) The members profile picture is not approved. You can also screen pictures based on whether the person is on your pal list or if they have a different home room. CamTrust is configured in the Privacy area of the Options (Windows version only).

Link to iSpQ

Show everyone you use iSpQ by putting one of these cool new graphics on your web page. Visit the Link To Us page on our support site to learn how easy it is to link back to iSpQ.

Wanna show off your Online Status on iSpQ VideoChat? Visit the Account Tools section of the iSpQ Members area to access the HTML needed for this great new feature. Here's what the Online and Offline on iSpQ graphics look like:

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