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About nanoCom Corporation
Learn more about the company behind breakthrough video chat
nanoCom Corporation, the maker of iSpQ VideoChat, is a pioneer in providing affordable cross-platform video chat and conferencing software to customers around the world. Founder and president Bob Summers has been focused on the development of Internet video software since 1994, and provides the strategic vision and direction for the company. Our software developers, customer support and marketing team are dedicated to innovating technology and improving the online experience for all community members.

Innovations in technology are the cornerstones of our desktop videoconferencing products and continue to redefine the market. Key technologies include: scalable client/server architectures, peer-to-peer Internet, multimedia device interfaces, human computer interaction, multimedia compression, and advanced image processing. Effective utilization and integration of these six technologies allows nanoCom to offer cutting-edge applications at an affordable price in the global marketplace.

Technology is not our only focus; we are also focused on people. Our award-winning customer support team provides help and guidance to members when needed. With tens of thousands of people online every day, we strive to make every iSpQ session a fun and rewarding experience. We are continuously working to perfect the video chat experience of our community members through close interaction.

If you are an existing user of our software, we thank you for being a part of the community and helping it grow. For those who have yet to experience our software, we welcome you to a whole new world and look forward to seeing you online.

-The nanoCom Team